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Crafts a Stunning WordPress Website for Tocque Tiles

Tocque Tiles
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Derive Innovations, a digital marketing powerhouse, partnered with Tocque Tiles to craft a stunning WordPress website. This collaborative effort aimed to elevate Tocque Tiles' online presence and provide an exceptional user experience.

The Challenge: Design and develop a website that effectively showcases Tocque Tiles' unique offerings, captivates potential customers, and seamlessly integrates with their established brand identity.

Web Development

The Process

In-depth discussions were held with the Tocque Tiles team to delve into the specifics of their offerings.  

Whether "tocque" represented a unique tile design or a color palette, Derive Innovations aimed to fully understand their product line and target audience. We also explored Tocque Tiles' existing brand identity to ensure seamless integration with the website.

With clarity on Tocque Tiles' goals, Derive Innovations conceptualized a user-friendly WordPress website architecture.  

This included a focus on clear navigation, allowing visitors to effortlessly browse product categories by design, color, or application.  The website would also feature high-quality visuals to showcase the beauty and versatility of Tocque Tiles.

Derive Innovations expertly built the website on the WordPress platform, ensuring a user-friendly interface for both visitors and Tocque Tiles for future content management.  

The website would also be optimized for search engines, increasing online visibility and attracting potential customers.

The End

The newly launched WordPress website stands as a testament to Derive Innovations' commitment to crafting exceptional online experiences.

By prioritizing user needs and seamlessly integrating with Tocque Tiles' brand identity, the website empowers them to connect with their target audience and showcase the beauty of their unique offerings.

Whether "tocque" refers to a captivating design or a sophisticated color palette, the website effectively translates that essence into the digital realm.  This successful collaboration positions Tocque Tiles for continued growth and success.


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