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Celtics Insider
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The Celtics Insider, a staple for die-hard Celtics fans, faced a challenge: expanding their reach and fostering deeper engagement on Instagram. Derive Innovations, a data-driven A-Z marketing agency, was brought on board to tackle this challenge.

Social Media Growth

The Process

We crafted compelling captions and utilized strategic hashtags to spark conversation amongst Celtics fans. This two-pronged approach not only increased post visibility but also fostered a sense of community within the comments section.

We curated a diverse content calendar featuring a mix of game highlights, player interviews, insightful stats, and behind-the-scenes glimpses. This variety kept followers engaged and ensured there was always something fresh to discover.

e capitalized on Instagram's powerful video features by producing dynamic Reels and informative Stories. These bite-sized content formats grabbed attention, boosted reach, and provided a more interactive experience for fans.

We partnered with relevant influencers and Celtics personalities for cross-promotion. This exposed the Celtics Insider page to new audiences and established it as a trusted source for Celtics content.

We constantly monitored key metrics like follower growth, engagement rates, and reach. This data allowed us to refine our strategy, tailor content to audience preferences, and maximize results.

The End

By implementing a multi-faceted strategy focused on audience engagement, content diversity, video optimization, strategic collaborations, and data-driven insights, Derive Innovations was able to propel the Celtics Insider's Instagram page to new heights.

This resulted in a staggering 242% increase in reaching non-followers, significantly expanding the brand's audience.  Furthermore, post interactions surged by an impressive 89.5%, demonstrating a deeper connection with both existing and newly acquired fans.

The Celtics Insider now stands as a leading source for Celtics content, fostering a thriving online community for fans everywhere.


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